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A Short Interview with Genrich Altshuller,
Summer, 1998

(From the book “The Innovation algorithm” .  Translated, edited and annotated by Lev Shulyak and Steven Rodman, Technical Innovation Center, Inc., p.13-14)

Question 1. What do you think the long-term effect of TRIZ might be on the wellfare of humanity?

GA: “Of course, I would like to answer this in an optimistic spirit. However, the history of science and technology does not give us a very consoling forecast. The social well-being, the social relationship between good and evil, has little to do with levels of science and technology — even if this may seem paradoxical. "

Question 2: What are some important future applications of TRIZ beyond technical systems?

GA: “This is a very interesting question. Scientists and inventors hold onto their illusions for a long time. Sometimes, a new search is only made in areas where conventional science and technology spin their wheels. The same happened a while back with the Great Breakthrough to the Poles. ’What can we gain from reaching the North Pole? It is just an empty place.’ It is just an empty place with worthless ice. However, almost all technology — along with a significant amount of scientific research — is connected, in one way or another, to the Great Breakthrough to the Poles. Later, many of these ’worthless’ discoveries and inventions were used in general technology."

Question 3: Widespread application of TRIZ will undoubtably lead to a technological explosion. Is this good, or bad?

GA: "This is neither good nor bad. It is inevitable. If people can create a strong theory that allows for understanding the "technological explosion," then they will live in a crazy, but exciting and interesting world. If the "technological explosion" becomes uncontrollable — mankind will face a sad epoch."

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